Black-capped Donacobious, Golden-collared Manakin, Spectacle Owl, Capped Heron

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 Panama bird guide


Gonzalo Horna G

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Gonzalo Horna, your local Birdingpal guide 
Former owner and manager of Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge, Gonzalo has been birding central Panama and adjacent low and highland areas since 1997. Attending groups and individuals he has mastered the needs and logistics to make a birders journey a successful one. He created and implemented a unique Birding by Boat day tour to explore the fresh water avifauna (and related birds) difficult to see while normal hiking secluded areas. Has being actively involved with the Embera Quera indian community located at the Panama Canal basin (Caribbean site) helping them develop a tourism program with emphasis on birding. In the government conservation programs he have served at national levels. Also he is a very active member of the Panama Audubon Society (PAS).
His wide ranging interests include butterfly, mammals, insects, good food & cooking.
Friendly, fun and knowledgeable, Gonzalo (54 years old) is always ready to take you birding any time any place in Panama.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Gonzalo.    

Our birding trip with you was great. You were knowledgeable about the individual birds and where to find them, as well as being a most gracious host. Our accomodations in Achiote and Gamboa were excellent. We enjoyed the rural atmosphere and food in Achiote and, well, Ivan's B and B was wonderful. Please give Ivan and his family our regards. While birding in both Achiote and Gamboa was excellent, Marlin would have liked to spend more time in Achiote than in Gamboa. On leaving you, we went to the Canopy Tower. That evening we birded at the munitions depot where we saw a Rail. The next day we spent most of the morning in the tower, then. Future birding at the tower included most of the places, we had been at with you, we decided to join another couple and go to the Canopy Lodge. We were there three days and two nights. Each day were birded all morning (and then some) as well as three to four hours in the afternoon, seeing many different birds at that higher elevation.
Thank you for giving us such a wonderful tour of the Panama city area and such a comprehensive overview of the history of Panama, as well as the opportunity to see the workings of the Panama Canal lock system.
All in all, it was a memorable adventure and birding trip and you helped make it special.
Marlin and Anita Jones, Iowa marlinjones28(AT)
Gonzalo, Thank you so much for your expert guidance!
David Jordet, New York, 2008. sailbirder(AT)
We all really appreciated the time and effort that you put into showing us the birds of the Gamboa and Achiote Road areas.
Barbara, Kathleen, Don, Howie, Dave, Dennis, Carol, Rob, Melissa, Miriam and Eva Callahan, 2008. "The -noisy- group!

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